Exchange Server 2010: Managing Archive feature #01

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This week we are going over one of the new features of Exchange Server 2010 which is the Archive Mailbox. In this first post we are going to cover how to create the Archive during the Mailbox creation and also how to enable it afterwards.

Creating and Archive Mailbox during the Mailbox creation…

Using the Release Candidate of Exchange Server 2010 you may have notice that we have a new page called Archive Settings and just clicking on the Create an Archive mailbox for this account will do the trick.

If you are using Exchange Management Shell to do this process, then it is really simple to create the Archive Mailbox in the same process just add the switch -Archive without parameters and the new mailbox will have an Archive Mailbox as well.

Enabling Archive for existent mailboxes…

If you already have the mailboxes created and you want to add Archive mailboxes to them, you can use Exchange Management Console and just click on Enable Archive item on the Toolbox Options and the dialog box shown below will be displayed, just click on Yes.

If you want to do the same using Exchange Management Shell, the cmdlet Enable-Mailbox will be useful. The syntax is:

Enable-Mailbox <Username> -Archive, where <Username> is the username that you want to enable Archive Mailbox.

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