Exchange Server 2010 Web Services SDK March 2010

You can now download the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Web Services SDK March 2010.

Brief Description
This release of the Exchange 2010 Web Services Software Development Kit (SDK) provides new and updated documentation and samples for building applications that use Web services in Exchange 2010. Use this SDK to help you develop collaborative Web services–based enterprise applications.

The Exchange 2010 Web Services SDK assists developers who are building Web services–based applications for Exchange 2010. This release of the SDK provides new and updated information and sample code to help you develop collaborative enterprise applications for Exchange 2010. The Readme file contains installation instructions for and late-breaking information about the Exchange 2010 Web Services SDK.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008
  • Code Samples The code samples provided with this SDK require Exchange Server 2010.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Some of the code samples require that the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2 or later versions be installed.
  • Document Explorer This SDK requires that you install Microsoft Document Explorer 2005, or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later versions. The installer for this SDK will determine whether an appropriate document explorer is available.

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