Exchange Server 2013 – Planning for Public Folders mailboxes according to user logon limits

Since there are some limitations for Exchange 2013 Public Folders, we will focus this little note on the User Logons supported limit, which is 2,000.

I briefly mentioned this 2,000 user logons limit on the article about Public Folder limits increase since Exchange 2013 CU8 on a previous blog post.

In Exchange 2013, you should plan for a number of PF mailboxes according to:

  • the volume of PFs you have as the limit is 100GB per PF Mailbox – and 100 PF mailboxes max – reserve 1 for hierarchy updates, that leaves 99 PF mailboxes max for content storage
  • a target number of Client Logons you’ll have

Knowing that a single user can issue more than 1 client logons at a time because these are accessing the PF Hierarchy + accessing PF content which is hosted on another PF Mailbox + other content on other PF Mailboxes … And, knowing that if a user accesses PF content that is on his “default PF Mailbox”, that counts for 1 concurrent user logon … so that’s not an easy exercise !

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