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TechNet Magazine is a great source of technical information. It covers most of Microsoft technologies, so every month there’s an interesting article, no matter what Microsoft software you’re interested in.

There’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Exchange Server and everything that’s related with it. In the January 2007 edition I found 2 great articles that deserve a careful reading:

  • Exchange Queue & A, KC Lemson and Paul Bowden – Hello, and welcome to the first installment of Exchange Queue and A! We’re kicking off with a series of questions that, to be honest, we came up with ourselves, so it’s probably unfair to position this as a genuine question-and-answer column because it’s only Q&A insofar as the Qs and As happen in an echo chamber.

  • Windows PowerShell Constructs, Don Jones – Last month, I showed you some ways in which Windows PowerShell could be put to immediate use solving administrative tasks-without actually writing any scripts. However, while Windows PowerShell is an excellent interactive shell, you can really take advantage of its capabilities and automate more complex tasks when you start to utilize its powerful-yet simple-scripting language.

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