Exclaimer Launches ‘Conversational Office 365 Email Signatures’ Guide

Exclaimer Limited, the global leader in email signature management solutions, today announced that it has launched a new e-book, ‘Conversational Office 365 Email Signatures, written by renowned Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), J.Peter Bruzzese. This latest guide in the Conversational Geek range delves into the importance of consistent organizational Office 365 email signatures and the management methods provided by Microsoft and Exclaimer.

“The hidden value in email signatures can only be unlocked if they aren’t left to chance.” highlights Bruzzese within the e-book. “Consistent (whether in the office or on the road), professional in appearance, uniform throughout your organization…these are key aspects of email signatures that deliver value.”

The new e-book also looks at the challenges inherent in managing email signature consistency and the methods that are available to IT administrators. While Office 365 through Exchange Online does provide a measure of email signature uniformity, the guide highlights how third-party solutions are available that provide organizations with easier ways to manage Office 365 email signatures.

“This e-book is a great piece of writing from J.Peter Bruzzese and really highlights the importance of email signature management,” said Andrew Millington, Chief Executive Officer at Exclaimer. “With the rapid uptake of Office 365 across the world, more and more organizations understand that their signature is a representation of brand identity and should not be left in the hands of end users. This is why over 700,000 users are now utilizing our cloud-based service, Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365, which is specifically designed for today’s modern computing environments.”

To grab your free copy of ‘Conversational Office 365 Email Signatures’, please click here. 

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