Exclaimer Offers Free Amazon Vouchers to Software Resellers

New Reseller Rewards System Launched (Source: Exclaimer)


Resellers can get hundreds of dollars in free vouchers from Amazon, Exclaimer announced, as part of the email signature software company’s new Exclaimer Rewards system.

‘Now resellers earn Amazon vouchers for selling Exclaimer software, on top of the same big margin’, said Jenna Lunn, senior reseller liaison, ‘one sale could be worth $300 of whatever they want.

‘This is about connecting with resellers. We listen to their requests – so we’re launching this new rewards system and a whole new site, just for them.

‘The simplicity and ease we’ve built into our software for 12 years, for 37 million people, should be reflected in everything we do – now our reseller site does too.’

Today, Exclaimer launches their rewards system to 5,000 IT resellers worldwide – though it’s open to anyone who becomes an Exclaimer reseller.

Their software offers central control of all staff email signatures, even on OWA and smartphones – and can update them all instantly and automatically with a click.

Exclaimer believes corporate software requires reseller engagement: they say building a smoother, faster experience for resellers was their goal.

On the new site, resellers can purchase products, research them and complete other tasks that would usually require Exclaimer staff – so they can do what they want, whenever need to.

Exclaimer’s CEO, Andrew Millington explained, ‘resellers are a key part of our business and we want them to know it.

‘The new rewards, the added convenience, the constant assistance – we’re providing all these little touches to enhance their experience with Exclaimer.

‘They’re vital to Exclaimer and we want to thank them for their continued support – by showing ours.’

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