Experts: Cyber Threats Can Be Defeated With Off-the-Shelf Software

“…The Stuxnet worm that infected thousands of computers from Iran to the United States could have easily been prevented, security professionals said.

Experts believe the attack, first discovered last summer, aimed to physically damage equipment that control power plants in Iran. The malware spread to 12,000 computers, the majority of which were in Iran, Indonesia and India, though machines in the United States and Pakistan also were infected.

Despite the frenzy that surrounded Stuxnet, it is nothing more than software and it can be beaten, said Paul Williams, executive director of security services for Pennsylvania-based White Badger Security.

“There’s absolutely no way it would have happened with just a reasonable dose of off-the-shelf commercial technology,” Williams said July 20 at the FOSE information-technology exposition and conference in Washington, D.C…”

Of course, the TMG firewall would have protected them against Stuxnet too!



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