Explode Your Revenues with the Clients You Already Have

If you’re looking to grow your IT business, the natural first thought is, “I need more clients.”

But if you’ve been operating for any length of time and you already have a client base that’s generating revenue for your company, you very likely have a nice source of additional profits just waiting for you to claim from your existing customers… and if you communicate properly, they will be more than happy to deliver them to you.

Here are 5 ways to uncover and claim some of the extra revenue that you might be leaving on the table.

  1.  System Monitoring: It goes without saying at this point, if you want to run a successful IT Support business, then you must follow a managed service model. And one of the primary benefits of managing your clients by providing round-the-clock monitoring by using a reliable RMM system is being able to identify problems that you otherwise would have missed if you were only checking on the network when making reactive, on-site service calls.Not every error that gets reported by your RMM system will require you to take action that will result in additional billable service. But many will. Some errors identifying insufficient hardware resources, such as processor or RAM bottlenecking issues could even evolve into large upgrade projects.Just keeping your client informed about the errors that are being discovered, whether or not they warrant immediate action, is exactly the type of communication your client expects and appreciates from a responsible consultant.
  2. Error Alerts – If your RMM system is doing its job properly, then it will be sending out alerts when actionable items are discovered. If you have these alerts automatically delivered to your client via email as they occur, naturally they will want to know what the error means, and what you’re going to do to address the issue. Automated alerts are an excellent way to keep your client informed, and to keep you busy.
  3. Inventory Reports: Performing regular reviews of your client’s hardware systems as well as software versions, patches and licensing information is a great way to identify weaknesses in your client’s network. When you review the Inventory Reports on a regular basis, you’ll be able to initiate necessary improvement projects more often. You’ll also be keeping your clients productive, informed and satisfied with you as their trusted advisor.
  4. Newsletters: Your clients will rely on you to keep them abreast of new technologies, keeping them on the cutting edge. One of the best ways you can keep your customers informed of new developments is through a regularly delivered newsletter, where you can articulate the specific benefits up-to-date new technologies can bring to your client’s business and why you feel they should be implementing them. You can even include a special offer or incentive, enticing them to take action.
  5. Your Website: One very effective way to encourage your existing customers to visit your website regularly is to provide access to your Service Reports through your PSA or service ticketing system. Once your clients are coming to your website on a regular basis to review their service calls, you can continuously present them with information about new technologies, as well as promotions or incentives for having you implement these technologies for them.

As an IT Consultant, your clients rely on you to keep their computer systems up to date, running reliably and operating at maximum performance levels. By communicating with your clients regularly and keeping them informed of their current status and what improvements are available to them, their trust in you as their technology advisor will be continuously enforced and the projects that keep you profitable will happen more frequently.

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