Export DHCP db

To export your DHCP db for import into SQL or some other db for analysis, use the NT4 Server Resource Kit utility dhcpcmd. The syntax is:

dhcpcmd scope_address enumclients [-v | -h]

where -v is verbose and -h generates hardware information

If you need to move the dhcp server db from on server to another, see How to Move a DHCP Database to Another Windows NT Server . That is the Microsoft way. A very conservative approach is to recreate the scopes on a new server and let them be deactivated: Use DHCPCMD to import the IP-reservations in the scopes (if there are no reservations, you don’t have to do the import of course). Then, deactivate a scope from the old server and activate the corresponding scope on the new server. This should work perfectly as the clients send broadcasts to look for a DHCP server. In the clients’ event logs, you’ll see NACK errors from the old server. Don’t worry about those, a client always checks for the last known DHCP server first, doesn’t get an IP-address as the scope is deactivated, and then broadcasts for the new server.

If you do not have the server resource kit, see atips166

DHCP Tips:

Export DHCP db
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Jet Compact Utility Available in Download Center
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Enable DHCP Logging

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