Faster Storage Systems from IBM

The XIV is a proven series of high-end storage systems by IBM. The IBM XIV Gen3 is the latest addition to this series that integrates seamlessly with virtualization, databases, email, analytics and data protection solutions from Microsoft, SAP, VMware, Oracle and others. The XIV series are well known for their solid architecture that can allocate resources effectively and maintain availability. The XIV Gen3 provides up to 4x the throughput featuring a sequential bandwidth of 9.3GBps, up to 3x faster I/O response time, larger memory capabilities, faster disk controllers, more processing power and future SSD caching upgradeability. The enhanced architecture will improve application performance and support development and prototyping.

IBM describes XIV Gen3 as the model that gives applications a tremendous performance boost, helping customers meet increasing demands with fewer servers and networks. Providing Tier 1 enterprise storage at Tier 2 prices! To read more about IBM’s XIV Gen3 go here.

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