Fax in Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging

How can we use UM to get access to fax facility? This feature won a special attention in the post today at msexchangeteam.com

Unified Messaging provides the functionality of having voice mail, email and fax to a single location that is the user’s mailbox. In Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging the fax feature is limited to inbound fax only. Which means that, an external or internal caller can call to the UM server and leave a fax message for a user with Exchange 2007 mailbox. A user can receive fax in their mailbox the following manner:

  1. A user can have a specific extension for fax. Their mailbox will have a corresponding secondary UM extension (eum type proxy address) which is dedicated to fax.
  2. Users have a single number for both Voice mail and Fax. The caller can send faxes to the voice mail extension. Should users pick up the phone, they can either transfer the call to their own extension, or hang up to let the fax machine resend.
  3. Users can have a shared mailbox dedicated to fax messages. The fax message in this case has to be manually forwarded to its destination or via custom application.

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