FaxNgo Joins the Mobile Revolution

Keeping Up with the Techi’s

In the technological age of everything mobile, what makes a business stand out above the competition is one thing: an awesome and productive mobile app.

There’s no doubt that succeeding in the ever-changing tech world requires a one-step ahead mentality. Mobile phones update their versions at least once a year, and with these new additions comes a higher level of technically-savvy customers. In order for businesses to compete with this tech “supply and demand” productivity, they must continue to advance the way they do business – especially where mobile services are concerned.

Breaking the Mold of Online Faxing with Mobile Apps

That’s where online faxing comes in. FaxNgo has taken online faxing to the next level with their mobile app, offering an even better and faster solution to traditional faxing. What was once a tedious and cumbersome office task – with the introduction of the fax app – faxing has now become another tool for the efficient, on-the go business. 

Let’s take a look at what their online faxing app provides:

The main component of faxing from an app is to be able to fax from anywhere – ideal for businesses that conduct meetings outside the office or travel frequently. The fax app is a great solution for mobile employees, such as Real Estate & Insurance Agents, Lawyers, International Business clients, and anyone who finds using their smartphones more often than not. For them to have the ability to edit, sign and fax on-the-go is crucial.

FaxNgo Mobile App Specs

So what exactly can you do with a fax app?

First, the FaxNgo mobile app is free for both iPhone Click here and Android Click here users. A FaxNgo account is also free, so to begin sending and receiving faxes, there is no fee. Both iPhone and Android apps offer the following features:

  • Image Auto Detection
  • Black & White image conversion
  • E-Signature
  • Edit, Sign & Send capabilities
  • Military Grade Security
  • Dedicated Fax Number
  • Cloud Storage
  • Free International Coverage
  • Fax Multiple Recipients
  • Send and Receive Free Faxes
  • Support Service

Using these features, you can send and receive faxes from traditional fax machines, email, and of course other FaxNgo account users. The mobile app does not limit you to sending or receiving only to other FaxNgo users, making it a convenient way to fax online.


With exceptional features and a great online service, FaxNgo is on the top of their mobile faxing game. They offer free faxing for beginners and high-quality packages with a great value for businesses and corporations who need large quantities of faxes.

And they are even hooking up our readers with this exclusive offer! Get a 15% discount on all yearly subscriptions when you when you visit FaxNgo.com and use this coupon: TGOnlineFax15. And don’t forget a 14-day free trial is included too!

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