ISA Server 2000 Feature Pack 1 Released

ISA Server 2000 Feature Pack 1 Released
Thomas W Shinder, M.D.

Here’s what you all have been waiting for! Microsoft has released its new ISA Server 2000 Feature Pack 1 and it includes a lot of cool stuff. There’s something in here for just about everyone. Check out these new features:

  • The SMTP filter has greatly improved performance and now supports AUTH through the filter
  • Improved RPC filter for incoming Exchange RPC connections
  • Improved RPC filter for other inbound and outbound RPC connections, including outbound Exchange RPC connections
  • A version of URLScan that you can run on the ISA Server itself that provids an even higher level of application layer security for your Web sites
  • New support for RSA SecurID authentication tokens
  • Delegate basic authentication – basic credentials can be forwarded to the internal Web site from the ISA Server
  • New Outlook Web Access (OWA) Wizard
  • New RPC filter configuration Wizard
  • New Link Translator feature to fix problems with Published Web sites containing hard coded internal links
  • New documentation on a variety of configuration scenarios

The feature pack has been tested by me and other ISA Server experts you know, and we’ve found it to be rock solid. The URLScan feature is really nice when you have the same configuration requirements for all sites. All in all, the feature pack is the perfect companion to the ISA Server and Beyond book! We’ll be doing articles on various feature pack components in the weeks to come.

Download the Feature Pack here:

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