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How many times have you read something on the official Exchange documentation that you don’t totally agree?

Have you ever thought that maybe you could help improve that same documentation? Did you know that your opinion really matters?

All the technical documentation on Microsoft TechNet provides on the top right corner a feedback mechanism that allows you to rate the content and to write some additional comments.

The Exchange User Education Team will then analyze all the comments provided and they will also review the pages with the lowest ratings.

For the Exchange 2003 documentation, you can not only provide feedback but also write your own content. At the bottom of each page you’ll see the Community Content:


The Community Content feature for Microsoft documentation provides the ability to add and edit content notes, similar to a wiki. Examples include code samples, tips, undocumented scenarios, links to additional resources, etc. Anyone is welcome to contribute or edit content.

For further information, read this post at the You Had Me At EHLO Blog: Content Feedback: BRING IT ON.

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