FileCloud Moves to AWS

FileCloud is not a new product. It has just moved to a new platform. “FileCloud provides users with secure access, file sharing, and sync from anywhere. It provides endpoint backup, data leak prevention (DLP), and HIPAA compliant auditing. FileCloud can be run under any domain and is easily customized to reflect your organization’s brand. FileCloud’s unique capabilities are: the ability to monitor information; prevent and fix data leakage; and assure corporate data is protected across all devices (including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets),” the company explained.

AWS also offers tangible benefits, CodeLathe says. “In contrast to managed public cloud enterprise file share and sync offerings, FileCloud hosted on Amazon infrastructure provides the best of two worlds: the complete control, flexibility, data separation, and customization of FileCloud; and the scalability, resiliency of the AWS infrastructure. Further, FileCloud costs only $25/user/year, which is 20 percent of the price of other managed EFSS offerings,” said Madhan Kanagavel, chief executive of CodeLathe.

FSS Heats Up

FSS is hot because end user loves it. The problem is many of these services are insecure, low-level free tools. Here is what Forrester Research said in its “Forrester Wave: File Sync and Share Platforms” report. “The explosive proliferation of powerful mobile devices has led to employee demand for solutions that will allow seamless access to enterprise content from any device. Solutions like Dropbox, originally developed for consumer usage, have barged into the enterprise, forcing IT to reconsider how to balance its portfolio against consumer demands,” Forrester wrote. “File sync and share is borne of two requirements: the need to sync files on all devices and share files with colleagues and partners. These two capabilities cover scenarios ranging from email attachment replacement to file system replacement, from casual


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