Find and Remove file locks

To find open files, from the command line, issue net
command. Text similar to the following will print to the screen:

ID   Path                              User name     # Locks
10 C:\images\desktop.gif wmaples 0
18 C:\images\wayne.gif wmaples 0
23 C:\apps\sharedpgm\config.txt wmaples 1
28 C:\dept\its\wmaples\profile.txt wmaples 0
The command completed successfully.
desktop.gif, wayne.gif, config.txt, and profile.txt are open files
on the server. config.txt has a lock on it. It is not uncommon for a
shared config file to get a stuck lock which prevents other users from
starting the application. To delete the lock, issue command net
file 23 /close
. Notice you use ID number.

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