Firewall Client Pic of the Year

Firewall Client Pic of the Year
Thomas W Shinder MD

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I’m a big fan of the Firewall client, but sometimes it doesn’t do quite what I want it to. For example, check out the graphic below:

Well, that’s really helpful! This was on a Windows XP machine that was running fine for the last 10 days without a restart (a miracle in itself). I tried to refresh the Firewall client configuration and it gave me the helpful message “TCP/IP transport layer doesn’t function propertly“. Whoa! I’ve never seen that one before. Ever. Never seen it on any version of Windows, so I suppose its a bug in either Windows XP, the Firewall client, or both.

If any of you have ever seen this error, write in to me at [email protected] and let’s put our heads together.

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