Flood Safety Awareness

Take FEMA’s advice and increase your awareness and review your plans, as the level of flood risks increases in spring time! As snow melts susceptible areas may be affected, however, no matter where you live it is important to be informed about the risks and preparations you can do in case your area becomes under the threat of flooding. The first suggestion is to always have an emergency kit with the necessary items such as food and water, medicine, battery powered communications devices and copies of important documents. Keep this kit somewhere handy and make sure that any food you place in is non-perishable! The second suggestion is to make a plan. A plan should include meeting points both within and outside of your immediate neighborhood, contact telephone numbers and other backup means. Make sure that all members of the plan are well aware of this plan. The third suggestion is to search for sources that provide the latest info about flood hazards in your region, such as, weather stations. Some locations prone to floods have flash flood warnings which can help you to evacuate in time. Get yourself knowledgeable about the causes of flooding in your area and use this knowledge to forecast such events.

The financial impact of a flooding may be devastating hence, purchase a flood insurance policy if you do not already have one. Even a small flood can cause serious damages and cost you lots of money. Try this interactive tool to get an idea what a flood to your home or office could cost you! Estimating costs can help you in re-assessing and re-structuring your house or office in an attempt to lower such costs!

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