Flyers can be effective marketing – if done right.

If you do it right, using flyers to help to market your business can be a strong and successful marketing tool for any IT support company.

Some consultants believe that an attractive flyer mailed out to countless, untargeted recipients will bring results. Unfortunately, this is just one way to kill lots of trees, waste plenty of expensive ink and give the post office your hard earned money without getting any kind of return. Even the best designed flyer won’t be very effective at producing a response, especially if sent to cold, untargeted prospects.

Just as with any other effective marketing campaign, flyers need to be used as part of an effective strategy.

For example, a well-designed flyer can be used as a leave-behind – given to prospects you’ve met while cold calling. If the flyer contains a special offer, especially one that is time sensitive, it will serve as a reminder to your prospect and will keep you on their radar as you continue to follow up.

Flyers can also be used as a reminder mailer to prospects you’ve met with previously, or who have at some point requested more information upon an initial call or contact. IT sales are almost never made on first contact. Prospects need multiple “touches” to keep you in their thoughts and to keep the sales process progressing. A flyer with a compelling message or offer can serve as an effective follow-up as part of the sales process.

Digital flyers can also be used as an email attachment when following up with a prospect who has already entered your sales funnel, either through personal contact with you, or by entering their email on your website when requesting more information.

Since you won’t be handing the flyers out en mass, you can print just what you need at any given time to keep your costs to a minimum. Printing on a decent inkjet printer on high quality, heavyweight paper is more than sufficient for low volume runs.

Plus, if you are measuring response you receive from a campaign you are running, printing in-house gives you the ability to make small, frequent changes to your printed message or offer – which could be difficult and expensive to do with a professional printing service.

As with any marketing, you want your flyer to drive your customer to take a specific action- such as to take advantage of a special, limited time offer, or even to simply visit your website and sign up for your newsletter (which will enter them into your sales funnel and allow continued contact).

If your flyer isn’t getting your prospect to do something specific, then it isn’t getting them to do anything, which isn’t very effective marketing.

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  1. I can see how flyers can be used really well. I like how you mentioned that they are good for putting time-sensitive promotions on, to remind prospects about you. I never really look for flyers, but when I get one, the business that sent it to me tends to stay in my mind more.

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