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image For any application, the User Interface is probably the most important component of the solution. Sure, you might have the best software in the world, beat the competition in features and functionality, but if the UI makes it impossible to manage the solution without pain and error, it’s likely that it’ll be passed up for something almost as good, but far easier and more enjoyable to use.

Fortunately for the TMG firewall administrator, he can have the best of both worlds. With TMG, you have one of the most secure firewalls on the market today, and you have a user experience that’s second to none, thanks to the hard work the TMG firewall team put into the design of the TMG firewall console. The ISA firewall console was always easy and intuitive, and TMG builds on the success of the ISA console, making it better than ever.

So what’s new in the TMG firewall console? A lot. In an article by Linda Lior, she goes through some of the major improvements in the TMG user interface, some of which include:

  • The Getting Started Wizard – makes installation easy and intuitive so that you don’t have to be a TMG expert to get things started
  • Single Level Navigation Tree – now you don’t need to crawl through nested folders to get to what you need
  • Easier Navigation and Control – tasks are now more logically grouped so that you don’t have to change contexts so often – the result is getting more done, faster

Check out Linda’s great article over at:



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