FOSE 9.1 Product Documents

The Forefront Online Security for Exchange (FOSE) 9.1 Product Documents were recently made availale to download. Forefront Online Security for Exchange is the new name of the service previously known as Exchange Hosted Filtering.

Brief Description
Product documents for FOSE 9.1 include the following: New Features Guide, Administration Center User Guide, Directory Synchronization Tool Administration Guide, Customer Quick Cards and Forefront Online Security for Exchange Filtering Service Launch and Best Practices.

New Features Guide: This 12-page guide provides up-to-date information about the latest features and changes for Microsoft® Forefront Online Security for Exchange (FOSE), including new features of the Directory Synchronization Tool, new company filtering service settings, domain enhancements, and enhanced reporting features. You can use the information in this document to help prepare your messaging environment for updated services, and to communicate information to customers, partners, and employees.

Administration Center User Guide: This guide provides in-depth information and instructions for using the Microsoft® Forefront Online Security for Exchange (FOSE) Administration Center, a Web-based tool that allows you to create reports and customize your e-mail filtering account services. It includes essential information for finding what you need in the Administration Center and using it to optimize your FOSE antispam, antivirus, filtering, user management, and reporting services, among others.

Directory Synchronization Tool Administration Guide: This document provides installation and configuration information for the DST. It is important to read document before you begin the installation process for the tool, as there is important pre-deployment and service information that you need to consider before installing the DST.

Customer Quick Cards: These two page documents assist organizations to educate their users about how to use the spam quarantine features of Forefront Online Security for Exchange (FOSE) products.

Launch and Best Practice Checklists: These guides provide information about how to start the Forefront Online Security for Exchange (FOSE) Hosted Filtering service, the configuration requirements, and provide suggestions to optimize your experience.

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