Free Add-ins for Outlook and Office

AbleBits is giving away 3 cool add-ins for Office and Outlook:

Brand-new Note&Do for all your Office applications!

Note your thoughts and plan your day on this merry pane in your Excel, Outlook, Word and Powerpoint.

Note&Do add-in will share your notes among different documents and keep the tasks in the application where they were created. You can have a special to-do list for your PowerPoint and a different one for Excel to track the work you’ve done. All tasks are application-specific and you can categorize them with color, complete or mark as incomplete if you want to bring some back to live.

If you have Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit or 64-bit, Office 2007 or Office 2003, feel free to download and install this free assistant and let it help you organize your days and keep your ideas alive.


Important Mail Alert for your Outlook 2003 – 2010

This little add-in will definitely raise your Christmas spirits and help you reply all important messages before the holidays begin! Just set up a simple rule with a key word or address and you’ll get a notification over all your windows to let you know the long-awaited message has arrived.

Important Mail Alert will track your urgent email no matter where it ends up in Outlook, be it your Inbox or a Junk mail folder. You can tell it which accounts you want to scan and open the message straight from the pane, which, by the way, will keep its bright color till you deal with all your important mail.

Download this useful add-in and add some festive mood to your Outlook!


Your own Christmas countdown clock

Your personal countdown clock will not only keep you updated on days and minutes left till the day. Christmas Day Countdown add-in makes sure you won’t miss on such important Christmas ingredients as a message to Santa and a shopping list; and it also lets you plan your holiday event or create a mailing list for your seasonal greetings in Outlook.

So if you open Outlook at least once a day, download and install this free add-in to enjoy the days quickly taking us closer to this very special day of the year!

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