Free Book: VMware View 4.5 Guide


Mike Laverick released his 188 page VMware View 4.5 Guide for free last week. This guide starts with introductions to VDI, goes through installation steps for all the View components, and even touches on command line tasks. I highly recommend you check it out!

Here is an excerpt from the guide:

“Virtualization is a rapidly-evolving and mutating subject, and while VMware may well have started out with the focus on server consolidation with ESX, you might remember their first commercial product back in 1998 was a desktop application called VMware Workstation. So VMware have been there on the desktop from the very beginning. It is, however, fair to say that the innovation of VDI was one that came originally from VMware’s customer base and some would say that the company was a bit slow to react to this – leaving their offering to be an “initiative” at first, and then acquiring what became VDM to be later renamed as View. However, despite these somewhat sketchy beginnings, the View product is certainly rapidly maturing, and with the inclusion of application virtualization and printing solutions, we’re coming closer and closer to the Holy Grail for many of us – a single solution from a single vendor to really rival the client computing deliverer of them all, namely the mighty Citrix.”

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