Free Clinic: What’s New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

What’s New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (M10133) is a free clinic, sponsored by Global Knowledge.

Discover the new tools and features of Exchange Server 2010.
In this clinic, you will examine some of the significant enhancements provided in Exchange Server 2010, and you will discover the most important design priorities for Exchange Server 2010. In a seminar environment, you will learn how the enhanced user and administrator features work, and you’ll learn to configure the features. You will learn about the new message transport features, database and high availability options, and administration tools and features, and you will get an overview of the process for upgrading from previous versions of Exchange Server to Exchange Server 2010.
This clinic incorporates material from the Official Microsoft Learning Product (OMLP) 10133: First Look: What’s New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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