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Microsoft Forefront Client Security is an enterprise anti-malware and security monitoring system that can support up to 100,000 users. There are both client and server side components that go into the solution. The client side software performs anti-malware checks on a periodic basis, or on demand, depending on the policy you configure on the Forefront Client Security servers. There are several server side components, including the Forefront Client Security reporting server, management server and database server.

Forefront client security can be set up based on your company’s requirements and how many client need to be supported. A small company can use a single server to host all the server side roles. Large companies will need to deploy more servers and may wish to scale up to 6 servers. Even more servers are required when you want to scale up to large numbers nearing the 100,000 “soft” limit.

Because of the number of ways you can deploy the server side components, getting up to speed on Forefront Client Security can seem a little daunting. To get over the learning curve, Microsoft has provided you with two free Forefront Client Security clinics. Each one runs for about two hours. After the clinics you might want to get some more hands on work before deploying Forefront Client Security in your test lab. This is where the hands on labs will help.

For more information on the clinics, check out:

For information on the Forefront Client Security labs:



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