Free Tool: “A Failure to Launch” for App-V

Tim Mangan has released another great App-V tool called “A Failure to Launch”. This tool is written in SilverLight and is a collection of error conditions in publishing and launching Microsoft App-V applications. The tool allows you to search for information on an error code produced by the App-V Client by using the last 8 or 10 digits. But rather than a search list of a bunch of people that had the problem, you get a concise set of information for the error code. For each of the codes covered, the tool provides information about the cause (or possible causes), troubleshooting techniques or recommended actions, and links to Microsoft KB Articles when they exist. The tool also explains the error code format, and has an interesting flow chart showing the steps that the client and server go through to launch an application with links to the various errors.

Read more about this tool here…

Run the tool live here…

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