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Microsoft App-V 5 has some new changes around isolation and roaming of installed application data. Basically, App-V tries to be smart about roaming data by redirecting saved file changes to locations that either roam or not, based on whether those changes would have roamed if the application was natively installed. This could potentially cause issues for some applications. This is why Tim Mangan has created a free tool called App_Remediation.

App_Remediation is a console application designed to be used with App-V 5 (and above) to save and restore application related data (ARD) between locations that normally do not roam and those that do. This remediation of badly constructed apps is very important to customers in a roaming environment, including not only those using “roaming profiles”, but also if using folder redirection, home drives, or other methods.


When saving changes, it will copy the folders and files (preserving the attributes, ACLs, and timestamps) from the users AppData/Local redirection repositories into a similar location under the users AppData/roaming location.

For example:


is saved to:


The program does not touch isolated registry information, as those are properly handled for standard users when apps do not require elevation.

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