Free Tool: Citrix XenApp Rolling Reboot Script

Here is another free tool for you Citrix XenApp admins out there.  This time, it is a rolling reboot script that does a whole lot more than just reboot a bunch of servers.

Windows applications tend to have memory leaks that can cause problems over time.  This problem is amplified in XenApp environments since multiple users are running multiple copies of these applications.  The easiest method it to reboot the servers from time to time to ensure performance and stability.  To help automate this Dane Young has come up with a rolling reboot script that takes advantage of overcapacity found in most XenApp farms to reboot servers over time without user impact. After the reboot has been processed, a procedure will validate that the server has returned from the reboot properly and the load has reevaluated under 5000. This way, if there are any servers that do not return from a reboot, the script will stop processing subsequent server reboots. The script will process through all servers in the farm until all servers have rebooted.

This script now supports:

  • Worker Group logic to allow simultaneous processing of multiple worker groups
  • MaxServers variable to allow simultaneous processing of multiple servers within a worker group
  • SMTP notification logic to report status updates through e-mail
  • ExcludeServers global variable to enable Administrators to exclude farm servers from processing

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