Free Tool: StorageVIEW by VKernel

Storage performance is a big factor in virtualized environments. VKernel has released a free tool to help identify storage latency in a graphical manner. StorageVIEW provides nearly instant analysis of VM infrastructure path latency. StorageVIEW provides:

  • Top five host/datastore paths with the highest latency
  • Listing of the associated VMs for these high latency paths
  • Throughput information for each VM in the high latency path
  • Aggregated results for the remaining datastore/host pairs
  • Support for NFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel


StorageVIEW is currently aimed at VMware as it requires VMware ESX or vCenter 2.5 and above. Check it out for free to help identify storage latency issues in your environment.

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