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Login Consultants has released a new version of VSI (Virtual Session Indexer). VSI is a specifically designed benchmark for SBC and VDI environments. VSI loads the system with simulated user workload, and focuses on how much users can run on the system before it saturates. VSI is 100% platform and protocol independent, and VSI configuration is simplified and automated where possible. As a result, VSI is a turn-key benchmark solution: perform tests within days instead of weeks. No need to create the workloads first. VSI is intended to be used by VDI/SBC engineers/admins, a degree in testing methodologies is not required.

Some of the new features include:

Completely new launcher solution:

  • Streamlined & simplified GUI including all VSI configuration options.
  • 100% central configuration of tests.
  • Slave launchers can be remotely configured, started and reset for the next test.
  • Tests can be started from a single console.
  • [PRO only] New Parallel launching mode to support very large scale tests (10000+ sessions).
  • [PRO only] Workload mash-up allows to combine different workloads in a test.

New, improved, turn-key VSI workloads

  • New default VSI workload will alternate between 2 medium workloads variants. The first loop is with Flash video presented in Internet Explorer, the second loop without. Once one loop variant is finished, the other will start, alternating throughout the test.
  • The flash app GetTheGlass is replaced by the “Kick-Ass” 480p movie trailer in flash format (.flv) which is run within IE.
    • Now FreeMind (an open source JAVA application) is added to the medium workload.
    • Random start delay of max 15 second, to prevent workload synchronization
  • Automatic loop length adjustments. Normally the total loop length increases, when the load is higher. With VSI 3.0 automatically the build-in pauses are decreased so the total loop length stays the same, also when the system is close to saturation.
    • [PRO only] Workload customization can now be set globally and configured for specific workloads.
    • [PRO only] Updated the light, heavy & multimedia workloads to include all changes mentioned above.

Completely revised logging structure:

  • The Log files is now using comma delimited CSV formatting
  • Logfiles are now stored in VSI Share\_VSI_Results\ActiveTestName\Results
  • Active sessions are not based on sessions launched, but truly active (logged on) sessions

Completely new analyzer, based on the MSchart add-on for .Net 3.5 sp1

  • Fully automatic analysis (including stuck sessions).
  • Dynamic charting (right click on the chart to set axis).
  • Result selection and highlighting (similar to perform: right click in the lower window).
  • Detailed charting.
  • Export Chart to PNG (other format will follow).
  • Export data to CSV.
  • Local Access database to cache analysis.
  • Noise reduction in VSImax: 2% of the highest and lowest average VSI response times will be removed from VSI max calculation to lower noise in the results.
  • New Dynamic VSImax 3.0 calculation: The VSImax threshold is based on the first 15 response time samples.

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