Free Tool: VMware Infrastructure Perfomance Management with Xangati for ESX

Xangati is a provider of infrastructure performance software. Xangati for ESX is a line of virtual appliances providing real-time, continuous visibility into the otherwise invisible activity of a VMware ESX/ESXi host, its virtual machines (VMs) and the infrastructure resources they use. Xangati for ESX products uniquely display the relationships between your VMs and other resources on your infrastructure in a continuous manner to answer questions including:

  • What is a VM doing?
  • What application is it running and how much CPU and memory is it using?
  • What storage is being accessed and what is the latency?
  • Which end users are accessing the VM?

The free version of Xangati for ESX provides:

  • Auto discovery and naming of ESX/ESXi’s VMs and applications
  • Continuous, real-time visibility into over 100 metrics on an ESX/ESXi host and its VMs activity including communications, CPU, memory, disk and storage latency
  • DVR recording and replaying of activity with scroll-bar
  • Visibility into vSwitch communications
  • 12 weeks of historical reporting on named identities

Check out this video on for more information:


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