Free tool: Xtravirt vSphere Client RDP Plug-in

If there’s one thing to be desired in the vSphere client, it’s the performance of the console session. This is the reason that so many VMware administrators maintain an RDP client side-by-side with the vSphere client. Want a free fix? Use the vSphere Client RDP Plug-in from Xtravirt. As I mentioned, this is a free download.

System requirements

  • VMware vCenter Server version 4 and above
  • Version 4.0.0 or greater of the VMware vSphere Client
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Version 7.0 or greater of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client

Installation and use

I downloaded and installed the tool on my own PC, which is running the vSphere 4.1u1 client. The download consists of just two files – an installer and a documentation file.

Once installed, the tool is really easy to use. Simply right-click a virtual machine and, from the shortcut menu, choose Connect via RDP.

If you want to configure the Xtravirt RDP Plugin, go to the plugins area in the vSphere client. You’ll get the page like the one below on which you can provide a default username and password, screen resolution and choose your other configuration options, such as whether or not the connection bar is shown and ports are redirected.

Free and very useful! Two of the best qualities in a tool.

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