Free NT Admin Tools from has a nice collection of free tools:

  • SystemTools TScmd
    A command-line utility to set
    terminal server user settings. All eighteen (18) terminal server settings can be

  • Password Age
    Displays the age of the password for user
    and computer accounts. For computer accounts, this information can be used to
    determine if the computer is no longer being used. For users, it can be used to
    determine which accounts are not being used or have expired.

  • SystemTools RenameUser
    A command-line utility to rename
    Windows NT user accounts from the command line. Generally, this utility should
    NOT be used under Windows 2000.

  • LPRman
    Utility that allows remote creation and
    management of LPR ports.

  • SystemTools Exporter
    Standalone command-line utility
    for exporting users, groups, group members, services, computers, disk space, and
    printers (in any combination) from any or all computers on any Windows
    NT/Windows 2000 domain. Includes online .HLP documentation file. Exporter is
    also integrated into Hyena.

  • SystemTools NTconnect
    Utility for creating a Netware®
    – like login script, allowing commands for connecting drives and printers to be
    executed conditionally based on user and/or group membership. Also supports
    program execution and registry modification. Includes Help file and examples.
    NOTE: This utility will only run on NT clients; it will NOT run on Window 9x

  • SystemTools Logoff
    This utility (15kb) logs off the
    current session. Includes source code and comments.

  • DumpSec, DumpReg, DumpEvt
    Must-have products from
    Somarsoft, Inc. to dump NTFS permissions, user information, event logs, and
    registry information. DumpSec (formerly known as DumpAcl) also dumps out the
    users last logon information. These utilities are now maintained by SystemTools

  • NetUsers
    A command-line utility to view the locally
    logged on users to a specified computer. Can be used to show the current
    interactive users, or a list of all users to ever logon through the computer.
    Use /? to view syntax.

  • NetView
    A command-line version of Network Neighborhood
    or Net View, which supports filtering of specific types of computers returned
    (SQL, workstations only, etc.). Use /? to view syntax.

  • Win Info
    A nice utility showing information about your
    NT installation including: version, build number, installation date, and whether
    it is a full or time limited version.
If you like these
free tools, check out Hyena to address the many challenges of managing a large
Windows NT/2000 network.

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