Functions Of NetLogon Service On Domain Controllers

NetLogon Service is very important for Domain Controllers. This service is started and configured to start Automatic when you promote a server to Domain Controller. If this service is not running then there are a few things which fail. This article explains the functionality of NetLogon service on Domain Controllers as mentioned below:

  • This service is responsible for creating Secure Channel between Domain Controllers and client computers. Secure Channel is created to pass the authentication packets.
  • Service performs the registration of SRV records, CNAME and other DC records in the DNS Server to advertise the availability of Domain Controllers in the domain.
  • SRV Records registered by NetLogon Service are stored in C:\Windows\System32\Config\NetLogon.DNS File.
  • Performs registration of SRV Records every 24 hours depending on the version of Operating System in use.
  • Registers the SRV Records for a site where there is no Domain Controller. This is called Site Coverege.



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  1. Hi Mr Sharma
    I hope you will be fine with grace of God. I need your help regarding the services running on Server 2012 R 2. with domian configured with ICTAd.comAs i am facing few problems in services like netlogon service first thing i want to ask can you tell me that all serives should run localy or domain conroller or with administrator account ??? so please guide regarding this that which service should locally or which with the administrator account i hope you will reply regards Asim

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