Google announces new G Suite updates

Google just announced a series of changes to its G Suite products, all aimed at helping teams work faster and smarter together. Here’s some more information about the new G Suite updates and how they might benefit enterprise users.

New Hangouts Chat hub

One of the biggest G Suite updates available now is a new collaboration platform called Hangouts Chat. It’s basically a hub of team chat rooms and threaded conversations. It also includes search options and bots that you can use to quickly find the information you need to connect workflows and get tasks done quicker. Hangouts Chat also integrates with Google Drive, Calendar, Hangouts Meet, and other G Suite apps so you can also easily access the most relevant information that you keep in those locations.

AI added to Calendar

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Calendar is already one of the most popular programs within G Suite for companies and individuals that need a simple way to manage appointments and tasks. And now, Google is working on some new artificial intelligence features that can help users use the tool more effectively. For example, it looks at your previous booking history, capacity requirements, any audio/video or other equipment needs, and building and floor location to automatically suggest the best rooms to book for a meeting or event.

Hangouts Meet video conferencing

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For those who need options for speaking with clients or colleagues face to face using online video chat, Hangouts Meet is a simple option to help you do just that. You can access it right within the Hangouts Chat platform. Just press a couple of buttons to transition from a text chat thread to a quick video chat if you need to share a video or just discuss a subject that is better talked about face to face.

Quick Access in Docs

Quick Access in Drive has already been available to G Suite users to help them find the most relevant files quickly with the help of artificial intelligence. Now, that same type of functionality has come to Google Docs as well.

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