New Work Insights tool available in G Suite

A new tool called Work Insights is now available within G Suite. It’s meant to help organizations measure and understand the impact of G Suite within their operations. It’s currently available in beta. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the tool, here’s a quick explanation.

About Work Insights

With Work Insights, admins can pull up organizational insights about G Suite deployments for their whole team. This can help you better understand the adoption patterns for G Suite apps and how team members are using them. You can view charts that show which apps are widely adopted by which teams and identify which ones may require additional training for wide adoption. This can be useful for any company that uses G Suite, but especially for those that might be just adopting the tools and replacing legacy ones across their organization.

Source: Google

You can also use Work Insights to learn about how your teams collaborate across the entire organization. For example, you can see the percentage of users on your sales team that use G Suite apps to communicate with members of the marketing team. You can also see patterns, like whether they’re creating documents together or scheduling meetings. Basically, this feature can help you identify opportunities to strengthen relationships between departments and increase productive collaboration.

About G Suite’s new investigation tool

In addition to Work Insights, Google also recently announced the general availability of a new investigation tool within the security center. This tool includes integrated remediation, which can help you prevent vulnerabilities and improve detection capabilities. Basically, it gives admins a quick view of any suspicious device activity, like if Google Drive files have been shared externally or any malicious emails have been received. Then you can use the tool to act on those issues right away. You can even scale incident response across the whole domain with just a few clicks to stop widespread issues quickly. This tool is currently available for all G Suite Enterprise customers.

Source: Google

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