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If you’re currently running vSphere on ESX and are planning to jump to vSphere 5, it’s time to move to ESXi.  However, there can be different compatibility requirements between ESX and ESXi and there may have been modifications made to the service console.  A new VMware Fling called the ESX System Analyzer can help ease the burden by verifying that your existing ESX hardware exists on the ESXi hardware compatibility list.  ESX System Analyzer also shows you which virtual machines are registered on your ESX hosts while also showing you which VMs located on each host’s local disks.

In addition to this and much more, the ESX System Analyzer also provides summary information such as:

  • The version of VMware Tools and virtual hardware for all VMs
  • The file system for all data stores

I’ve included below a couple of screenshots from the user’s manual so that you can get a look at some of the information that is provided by this free tool.



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