Get an overview of mailbox sizes in MB

When you run Get-Mailboxstatistics, you will get an overview of the size of all mailboxes in your organization.
To sort the mailboxes on size, you can pipe the output of the cmdlet Get-MailboxStatistics to Sort-Object TotalItemSize -desc. You will notice that Exchange gives you the TotalItemSize in Bytes. But you can change that since TotalItemSize is a so-called ByteQuantified Size Date, meaning you can apply a method to it to set the value in Kb, Mb, or even Gb if you want to.

The following single line will give you your top 5 largest mailboxes, sorted by TotalItemSize, expressed in Mb, the column will be entitled Total Mailbox Size in Mb!

[PS] C:\Get-MailboxStatistics | Sort-Object TotalItemSize -desc | Select-Object -First 5 | ft displayname,@{Expression={$_.TotalItemSize.Value.ToMb()};label="Total Mailbox Size in Mb"}

DisplayName                                 Total Mailbox Size in Mb
———–                                            ————————
Administrator                                                      500
User4                                                                   477
User5                                                                   368
User9                                                                   359
User2                                                                     52

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