Get real time information about all running processes and threads

Igor Arsenin has developed TaskInfo2000 for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 which displays in real
time information about all running processes and threads including ring0 VxD
threads. For each process information includes threads, CPU usage, scheduling
rate, path, open files, command line, environment variables, memory usage, DLLs,
Version information and other.

  • It can run new processes and force termination of badly behaving processes.
  • Change Process priority.
  • There are command line parms to start new process with selected priority,
    change priority of running process and kill process.
  • Reboot or Shudown System.
  • Start Just in Time Debugger for running process
  • Reboot, Restart, Shutdown System.
  • Show System wide information:

    • CPU, Memory and Cache usage.
    • Data rates for Disk, Network, DialUp IO and other.
    • Opened Files.
    • Shows Loaded Kernel drivers information.
    • OS Version Info.
    • Special Directories.
    • Logged User and Computer name.
    • IP Network Host Name and IP Names/Addresses on network adapters.
    • Power Status.
Shareware with 30 day evaluation.

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