Getting the Most out of Your Office 365 Trial

IT Pros, if you are thinking about taking a look at Office 365 but you are not sure where to begin, this course walks through key scenarios you will want to try for yourself to get some hands-on experience. Follow along as experts take you through initial sign-up for the free trial, and then explore basic setup and configuration of Microsoft Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint.

See how straightforward sign-up and setup can be. This course steps you through Office 365 plan selection, initial user deployment, service configuration, real-time testing, and more. Set up your domain, try the new Outlook Web Access, and work with a SharePoint collaboration site. Be sure to bring your questions, and end the day with a complete Office 365 trial tenant, ready for further evaluation and experimentation.

Course Outline:
  • Understand Office 365 Applications and Services
  • Get Started with Office 365 Trial
  • Try Office 365 Services and Applications
  • Configure Optional Settings
  • Next Steps and Additional Resources

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