Getting Started: Office 2010

Getting Started: Office 2010 contains several technical materials to download that will help you with the most common tasks in Office 2010.

I strongly recommend the Outlook related content:

  • Basic Tasks Articles\Basic tasks in Outlook 2010.html
  • Getting Started Videos\Getting_Stared_with_Outlook2010.wmv
  • Make the Switch Training Courses\Training Presentation – Make the switch to Outlook 2010.pptx
  • Menu-to-Ribbon Interactive Guides\Outlook2010Guide.exe
  • Menu-to-Ribbon Reference Workbooks\Reference_Outlook_2003_to_2010.xltx
  • Migration Guides\Migrating to Outlook 2010.pdf
  • What’s New Articles\What’s new in Outlook 2010.html

Brief Description
Articles, interactive guides and guidance to help you be more productive with Office 2010 more quickly.

A full package of materials to help people new to Microsoft Office 2010 get up to speed more quickly. Articles and guidance cover all the applications in Office 2010, including interactive guides to help transition from menus to the ribbon interface.

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