Getting Started with XenClient

Citrix recently released XenClient (a client-based bare metal hypervisor). XenClient allows you to run multiple client virtual machines on client hardware taking into account the uniqueness of client hardware form factors (like closing a laptop lid). Danny van Dam put together a step-by-step article describing how to download and install XenClient on your hardware.

The currently available version of the Citrix XenClient (Express) supports a limited set of hardware. Running the setup on the wrong hardware will cause the setup to fail.

The XenClient requires the following hardware:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo or i5/i7 CPU
  • Intel vPro chipset (recent version)
  • Intel vPro chipset embedded graphics card (ATI and NVIDIA cards will not work)
  • 2GB+ ram (personally I would recommend at least 4GB)

The XenClient uses approx. 512mb so if you want to host 2 VM’s with at least 1GB of memory then you need 3GB


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