GFI Software gives away full-featured GFI LANguard for free

As more and more businesses bear the brunt of the economic downturn and budgets are drastically cut, security is often the first area to suffer. With cybercrime on the increase and threats becoming more dangerous and frequent, businesses can ill-afford to ignore security. If anything, they need to beef up their defenses. This is why GFI is giving away a 5-IP freeware version of its award-winning product GFI LANguard- to assist organizations shore up their defenses and secure their networks.

“In this contracting economy, we believe that vendors should work with businesses to assist them in sustaining a viable business until the economy bounces back. We view ourselves not only as a vendor but also – and equally importantly – as a business partner that understands our customers’ needs and is actively doing something to help,” Walter Scott, CEO at GFI said.

“With this in mind and to tangibly convey to our customers that WE CARE, we are giving away a freeware version of GFI LANguard, one of our leading security products. We are doing this for two reasons. First, we want to help business owners to continue focusing on security issues even though they don’t have the budgets and, second, we want to encourage them to take security to another level and fully understand that security goes beyond anti-virus and anti-spam. With this fully functional 5-IP version of GFI LANguard we are giving something back to businesses and helping them keep their networks secure,” he added.

Winner of the Best of TechEd award in 2007, highly recommended by the judges at the SC Magazine Europe awards in 2008 and a finalist at this year’s SC Magazine Europe awards, GFI LANguard allows administrators to scan, detect, assess and rectify vulnerabilities on their network and to secure it with minimal administrative effort.

Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments are carried out when the network, including any virtual environment, is scanned by GFI LANguard. When the scan is complete, GFI LANguard’s Patch Management functionality allows administrators to deploy and manage patches and security updates on all machines across the network. Hardware information can be retrieved and baseline comparisons used to check for unauthorized changes.

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