Google Chrome PWNed

If your organization has switched to Google Chrome as users’ primary web browser, it might be because of the clean interface, or it might be because of the fast responsiveness – or it might be because of Chrome’s reputation as the most secure browser, based on its “undefeated” status in the recent pwn2own hacking contests (which, however, actually came about this last year as more of a forfeiture than a win, when the hacker who had registered to attack it didn’t show up:

It’s true that some security experts have hailed Chrome for setting a new security standard with its sandbox technology: 

However, it’s important not to get overly confident. It’s the nature of the web browser (and other Internet-connected applications) to have vulnerabilities, and VUPEN researchers just proved that Chrome is by no means an impenetrable fortress when they created an exploit that bypasses all of its security features:

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