Google-Nutanix partnership adds benefits to hybrid cloud deployments

Google just announced a strategic partnership with Nutanix to help remove friction from hybrid cloud deployments for enterprises.

Enterprises that run hybrid cloud deployments can enjoy benefits such as the ability to run applications and services across clouds and the ability to release software quickly while targeting the best cloud environments for those applications. But until this strategic partnership, running applications that span multiple infrastructures could present challenges.

There are several new features and abilities that come with this Google-Nutanix partnership. Here are some of the main points.

Easing hybrid operations

Using the Nutanix Calm solution, users can automate provisioning and lifecycle management of applications across Nutanix and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This means that you have a single control plane to enable workload management across a hybrid cloud environment.

Bringing Nutanix Xi Cloud Services to GCP

This creates a new hybrid cloud offering that allows enterprise customers leverage services like Disaster Recovery, essentially extending their on-premises datacenter environments into the cloud.

Enabling Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS support for hybrid Kubernetes environments

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS support will be available for hybrid Kubernetes environments running Google Container in the cloud and a Kubernetes cluster on Nutanix on-premises. This means that customers will be able to deploy portable application blueprints that target on-premises Nutanix footprints as well as GCP.

Essentially, the Google-Nutanix strategic partnership makes it easier for enterprises to take advantage of all the potential benefits of hybrid cloud deployments, like faster releases for new products and features, ability to scale applications and move applications to the public cloud at your own pace, and reduced cost and time spent on infrastructure. With the ability to work with public cloud, on-premises, and open source technology, you can create a flexible solution that better fits your organization’s needs.

Photo credit: Google, Nutanix

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