Group Policy Offers New Functionality in Windows Server 2008

Group Policy Objects can be used to apply settings to client computers from a central location. This article lists the new functionality added to the Group Policy in Windows Server 2008. This article doesn't explain the features in the detail.

  • XML-based policy template files are used now (ADMX and ADML).
  • Central Stores are used to reduce the disk space.
  • ADMX and ADML are not stored in each GPO now
  • Local GPO Store Location is:
  1. ADM=%SystemRoot\INF
  2. ADMX=%SystemRoot%\PolicyDefinitions,
  3. ADML=%SystemRoot%\PolicyDefinitions\EN-US
    • GPEditor and GPMC don't copy ADM and ADMX files to SYSVOL now
    • GPEditor and GPMC reads from the CentralStore in SYSVOL now
    • Central Store is not available by default. You must create the Central Store
    • Domain Central Store Location is:
    1. %SystemRoot%\SYSVOL\Domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions (ADMX)
    2. %SystemRoot%\SYSVOL\Domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions\en-us (ADML)
    • Search for GPOs using GPMC
    • StarterGPO feature makes you import/export GPO settings quickly across domains
    • More than 20 GPOs Extensions are provided for Preferences.
    • Preferences contains the two major Extensions:
    1. Windows Settings
    2. Control Panel


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