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GSX is the watchful eye for all IT administrators, letting them manage the quality of service (QoS) of their business applications. That being said, let’s take a step back analyze the day-to-day challenges facing IT administrators.

Technology is moving really fast and even more quickly in the enterprise sector.

Microsoft is just about to launch Exchange 2016 by end of this 2015; Lync and Skype are mixing their capabilities and are now “Skype for business,”; cloud services move and evolve as fast as the weather changes, and business workers want to access their professional applications from everywhere at any time.

Email administrators have to adapt and update their skills all the time to continue answering to end-users with an optimal QoS of all business applications being used by the business lines. This is what we want to accomplish with the new 10.12 version of GSX Monitor and Analyzer.

The Growing Impact of BYOD and the Importance of ActiveSync 

ActiveSync allows mobile phone users to access their email, calendar, contacts and tasks, even while working remotely.

Testing the above ActiveSync scenarios ensures a high quality of service within the mobile infrastructure in sync with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange Online, Traveler and other IBM applications. The GSX robot user can actually act as a mobile device to check quality and latency, and take different actions, such as sending test emails, creating a test folder, checking the free/busy services, and more.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer tests the performance of the services delivered by the ActiveSync protocol, allowing IT administrators to simulate end-users activities usually performed on mobile devices, and to get real-time statistics on the execution time and status of these scenarios.

IT administrators will benefit from a consolidated dashboard to get a status of each of the tests all in one place for quick and smart attention, as well as reports and forecasts on scenario’s uptimes, latency and average execution times. The administrator can then anticipate and detect any slowdowns of performance in ActiveSync environments.

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Cloud is booming 

Knowing that the majority of enterprise mailboxes will be cloud-based by the end of 2016, it is even more crucial for IT administrators to get a sense on how their mailboxes are being used, what their sizes are, and what are the challenges when hosting on Exchange Online. By ensuring an optimal end-user experience with critical and pervasive messaging and collaboration applications, administrators can better manage mailboxes hosted in the cloud.

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With the new, online spot-check reports, IT administrators can benefit from a consolidated view of mailbox characteristics, public folders and ActiveSync, and are able to predict trends and make forecasts to optimize usage. 

  • Spot-check reports on mailbox characteristics IT administrators will be able to manage mailbox quotas in one click by identifying potential mailboxes which are at risk in Exchange Online.
  • Spot-check reports on public folders IT administrators will be able to track and retrieve quantifiable statistics for public folders.
  • Spot-check reports on ActiveSync IT administrators will be able to provide a simple view of all synchronized devices and then sort them by users. They then will be able to prevent performance issues and get metrics from multiple devices and multiple users with one click.

We will be attending #MSIgnite at booth No. 620 to present this new version, as well as answer all of your questions.  If you want to give it a try before Ignite, a 60-day trial is available so that you can test it yourself and see how it can fit your IT needs.

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