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vignette1comic3 resized 600We’ve released a special countdown associated to a series of comics, which have been going on for two weeks now! You may already be following Steve ‘s adventures with the GSX #RobotUser on social media. In order to make sure you aren’t lost, let’s remind you the concept: Steve is our hero, an IT administrator who is a little overtaken by his lack of preparation for Microsoft Ignite. He really feels depressed and has decided to follow the advice of the GSX #RobotUser to help him reach his objectives and overcome challenges before D-Day.

Two weeks after the beginning of his preparation, Steve has already improved drastically when it comes to his health and performance and you are over a hundred to follow his progress on social media.

But how about you?

Start following Steve’s training on Facebook and Twitter! You won’t believe how the GSX #RobotUser’s advice started to bear fruit!

Steve is not the only one to deserve health and performance 

If Steve and the GSX #RobotUser’s adventures entertain you it’s because they echo to the real challenges IT administrators and managers face when maintaining a high level of availability and performance of their collaborative environments.

At GSX Solutions, we are 100% committed to offering new and existing customers and partners the best products and services in terms of Microsoft application monitoring and reporting. This being said, don’t hesitate to find out more of what customers say about us!

At booth #620, our team will showcase the latest version of our solution for Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Office 365 and BlackBerry. We will also guide you in your migration projects to the Cloud with GSX Monitor & Analyzer.

In addition to focusing on your collaborative environments, we also want to advise you on your specific needs! This is why we invite you to participate in our special contest and get a chance to win a Microsoft Band! It will help you achieve your wellness objectives by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep quality. It will also enable you to be more productive with email previews and calendar alerts, all this right on your wrist. Click on this page, take a look at our GSX mascots and fill out the form for a chance to win!
Steve is also very active on social media, so spread the word within your community to enhance your chances of winning:

On Facebook 

On Twitter: @GSX_Solutions, #RobotUser, #MSIgnite

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