A guide to Build Your Own Enterprise Mobility Lab

The world is becoming mobile and organizations need to adopt to stay relevant and competitive. When you start working with solutions for mobile devices you will discover quickly  that mobile solutions require new products that offer these new mobile capabilities. This new mobile infrastructure is often not present in most organizations and the knowledge and skills to install and configure these is not present either.

As an IT Pro where do you start to catch up on all these new technologies? In my experience the best way to learn is getting your hands “dirty” by building it yourself and play with it. Don’t have someone come in to build it for you and/or use a scripts and automation to build it for you. It will not help you understand the technology. Build it yourself, step by step!

Read more at source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/mobilityguys/archive/2015/06/26/a-guide-to-build-your-own-enterprise-mobility-lab.aspx

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