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Well as we all know most computer security magazines are native to North America. It is nice to see one that is based out of Europe. You may wish to give Hakin9 a read, and subscribe to it if you feel it worthwhile.

hakin9 magazine available in English
Learning about the offensive side and knowing what your enemies are doing to take advantage of your infrastructure is one of the best way to proactively protect yourself. haking9 is one of those magazine that will help you month after month to learn the latest and greatest threat that you are facing.

From September, you will find hakin9 in the US (Barnes & Noble stores) and Australia. As usual it offers an in-depth look at both attack and defense techniques and concentrates on difficult technical issues.

On the upcoming issue:
-Rootkits under Windows
-Cryptography for Mail and Data
-Simple Event Correlator
-Covert Channel
-Linux backdoors
-hakin9.live – full of security tools, including ArcaNix v2.0, Sniff-em Network Analyser & Core Impact

To find out more visit www.en.hakin9.org

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